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A4 TECH FG2400 Air 2.4G Wireless QuietKey Combo Set

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FG2400 Air  2.4G Wireless QuietKey Combo Set With QuietKey’s patented mechanism, combining high elastic silicone and high-quality lubricant, it effectively reduces the keycaps rebound vibration and eliminates friction noise during typing process.







Connection: 2.4G Hz
Operation Range: 10~15 m
DPI: 1000-1200-1600-2000
Style: Right-Handed Fit
Report Rate: 125 Hz
Character: Laser Engraving
System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 or Later, Mac OS 10.4 or Later
  • 2.4GHz Wireless

    2.4GHz Wireless

  • Auto-Channel Sort

    Auto-Channel Sort

  • Silent Click

    Silent Click

  • Desk + Air

    Desk + Air

  • 2000 DPI 4-Level Adjustable

    2000 DPI 4-Level Adjustable

  • 16-in-One


  • Quiet Key

    Quiet Key

  • Receiver Storage

    Receiver Storage

  • 2-Section Compact Size

    2-Section Compact Size

  • Consistent Wireless Stability

    Advanced 2.4 GHz powerful wireless connection with distance up to 10-15m.

  • [ Desk + Air ] Dual Functions

    The innovative Air Mouse Function provides dual [Desk+Air] usage modes, turn your mouse into a multimedia controller by simply lift it in the air. No software installation required.

  • 2000 DPI 4-Level Adjustable

    Adjustable resolution 1000-1200-1600-2000 DPI.

  • Screen Capture

    4 types screenshots (rectangular snip, free-form snip, windows snip, full-screen snip) for better working.

  • On/Off Power Switch

    The power saving design makes this wireless mouse a perfect on-the-go companion.

  • 16-in-One

    16 Gestures to perform selectable office commands with right button. Download: download.a4tech.com

  • 2 Thumb Side Buttons

    The side buttons are preset as backward and forward functions, and can be customized with software.

  • Quiet Key

    Introducing the patented innovative technology “QuietKey” Keyboard, it is specially designed to provide a quiet typing environment, reducing the noise from 35dB to 14dB.

  • Type in Comfort Chocolate Keycaps

    Ultra-slim keycap structure provides responsive and comfortable typing.

  • Operating System Swap

    Compatible with Windows/Mac system, easily change the layout from one OS to another by pressing Fn + P / O. ** Windows is default system layout.

  • 4 Smart Hotkeys

    Easy to access to 4 functions (Screenshot Options, Emoji Symbols, Hide Application, Lock Computer).

  • High-Elasticity Silicon

    High-elasticity silicon membrane for fresh and comfort typing experience.

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