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Bloody M660 Headphones

Features :

• M.O.C.I. Technology
• 2 – Diaphragm Tech
• Protein Ear Cushions
• Omnidirectional Mic
• Auto-Adjusting Headband
• 48-Core Copper Cable

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Optimized with 2-Diaphragm, every subtle notes are precisely produced. It gives a more consistent and precise sound across the entire frequency range.

MO-CI Tech

MO-CI (Mycelium of Carbon IT) is the soul and heart of Golden Sound. Made of advanced biotechnology with bred nano mycelium and carbon fiber to offer the metal rigidity with paper-like thinness. This optimum diaphragm dome is made to create high-resolution and precise notes for highs and mids and unfolds music to its full potential.

2-Diaphragm Tech

Diaphragm-1: MO-CI Dome Made of Mycelium Carbon Fiber to provide rigidity and ensures clear crystal highs and mids.
Diaphragm-2: High Flex Edge Made of Hi-CIS TPU/PEEK to provide high flexibility and performs powerful deep resonating bass.

2-Diaphragm PK Single-Diaphragm

Carved out every finer details for the crystal highs mids and reproduced super lows in wider dynamic range for an uncompromising bass sound is the ultimate listening experience for the MO-CI Golden Sound. Comparing with common plastic/aluminum single-core diaphragms, while the dome and edge is made of single material, can not delivers the best for the highs, mids and lows separately.

Prevent The Headache Effects

MO-CI designed to improve the headache effects after long period of wearing. MO-CI full range diaphragm is made of paper-like material helps your ear breathe, fully immersive surround sound creates a realistic sound experience.

Omnidirectional Noise-Canceling Mic.

Fully adjustable, state-of-the-art mic. enables crystal-clear in-game voice communication, making it easier than ever to take control of your gaming environment.

Lightweight Auto-Adjusting Headband

The wearing design ensures maximum comfort – perfect for long gaming sessions and for gaming at tournaments, no headache effects as part of the comfortable design.

48-Core Copper Cable

Designed with braided with 48-core high-purity oxygen-free copper, made of eco-care TPE material, the 2.2m cable is optimized for any environment, qualified for 30,000 times of swing and pull test and withstand more than 20KG force.

Custom-Made XXL Protein Leather Earpads

MO-CI features XXL protein leatherette ear pads that cushion your ears while gaming. Let your skin breathe and ensures ultimate comfort. No outside noise enters the headset and you can rest assured that those around you won’t hear your game either.

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