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5 best streaming microphones in Pakistan

By ranaomerijaz
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Find the most popular streaming microphones here:

Picking up the best streaming microphones at a low price is not easy in Pakistan. There are hundreds of options already present in the market. We’ve listed down some of the best streaming microphones to get started on Twitch, YouTube, or Mixer to help you out.

List of streaming microphones in Pakistan

  1. Arozzi Colonna Microphone Podcast/Recording/Gaming
  2. Redragon GM300 Gaming Stream Microphone
  3. Sudotack ST-800 USB Microphone
  4. Fifine K730 Condenser Microphone
  5. Boya BY-PM500 USB Microphone

Let’s review the benefits, drawbacks, and comparison of the above must-have streamer gears.

1. Arozzi Colonna streaming microphone Podcast/Recording/Gaming:

The Arozzi Colonna is capable of meeting your needs if you’re looking for a desktop USB microphone. It is the best fit for streaming, recording podcasts, or general recording applications in Pakistan. USB alternatives are something to think about if you’re looking for anything that offers great value. Right out of the box, the Colonna may be simply configured for professional recording. It may be customized by the user in a variety of ways and has a broad pick-up range.

Arozzi Colonna streaming microphones

Compared To Other Arozzi Microphones:

The Colonna, like the Sfera Pro, has a headphone amplifier (15Hz-22KHz frequency response) but what makes it different from the other two models is the key to why I recommend Colonna over other Arozzi microphones.

Its three different polar/pick-up patterns:  cardioid, unidirectional, and bi-directional, the latter of which can be used to record sounds originating from both the front and back of the microphone (side sounds are blocked).


It is simple to connect to a computer via the USB port and is detected instantly. You must be careful with the measurements since it is quite huge in size. Even if you lower it to the maximum, it will not fit on the desk in front of the monitor because it will take up too much space. It is built with good material, has a cool design is fairly bulky, and has a carefully packed gaming microphone. It has an excellent sound, and the 3m cord is long enough to connect to a flexible arm.

Minor drawback:

The device comes with an adjustable built-in stand and a cord clip. The microphone stand consists of painted metal and is quite stable. All connections and controls are designed to be easily accessible even while the microphone is on the stand. However, the microphone is too high on the stand, which will irritate some people.



+ Solid build

+ Comes in four colors

+ Diverse Pick-up directions

+ A top-notch recording

+ Monitoring port for headphones

+ Plug and play

+ 3M Cable

+ Boom arm attachable


-Included cable detects RFI and EMI.

2. Redragon GM300 Game streaming microphones:

The Redragon GM300 microphone records sound from the front and both sides, minimizing the amount of backward sound pickup. If you’re looking for a microphone in Pakistan for gaming,  Redragon GM300 is for you.

Redragon GM300 streaming microphones


It connects to plug-and-play using a USB connection and doesn’t need any driver software to get going, which makes it highly recommendable. You may quickly engage built-in controls to change the transmission’s volume and deactivate the microphone. Compared to Arozzi’s Calona, the Reddragon blazer has a strong body that can bear the impact which confirms mic durability.

There is an indicator that shows the microphone’s active and mute state. In case of a power outage, there is an integrated light in the form of a red-lit ring. Accessories for proper use are placed next to the microphone. These include a tripod with a threaded stand, an anti-pop filter hood, and a stand with elastic compensators.

The microphone can be used to attend a work meeting, record audio, and use Discord daily. It already has foam and shock mouth, making it ideal for use with an articulated arm. The built material is of high quality, not plastic. This amazing microphone easily adjusts to meet your requirements at a 180-degree rotation angle.

Minor drawback:

The only drawback I can think of is that there is no quick mute button. You have to press one of the Gain buttons on the microphone and hold. Also, there is no visual indication of the volume of the microphone’s Gain level.



+ Excellent sound quality

+ Fully metal built

+ Customized color support circular LED

+ High-end mic with volume control and mute

+ USB plug cable

+ A windscreen and a tripod stand included

-Low-quality tripod stand

3. Sudotack ST-800 USB streaming microphones:

Your Mac or Windows computer can accept the Sudotack ST-800 Professional USB Microphone for direct recording. Your recordings will be incredibly clear thanks to the sudotack professional 192khz24bit sample rate.

Sudotack ST-800 USB streaming microphones


It offers excellent sound quality for high-resolution music and has a wide frequency response (30 Hz to 16 kHz). The cardioid pattern gives the best and most accurate capture. It lowers unwanted background noise by recording only sound sources that are directly in front of the microphone. Simple desktop recording of high quality is possible! Simply insert the USB microphone into the right port on your computer, and your Mac or PC will start working instantly. There are no drivers required, and it is fully compatible with the majority of popular operating systems, including Windows and Mac OS. The microphone can be used with a phone, but an adaptor is required (not included).

Enjoy the greatest sound quality at an incredible price with a USB streaming podcast PC microphone. The USB Microphone Kit includes a condenser microphone, an adjustable mic stand, a shock mount, a table clamp, a pop filter, a USB A to B connection, and an anti-wind foam cover.

Minor drawback:

The only thing I would question in this mic is the lack of a surrounding sound eliminator. The arm is unstable and doesn’t fit properly. If you want a high-quality microphone search for other options, however, this could be a fantastic cheap streaming microphone.



+Remarkable sound quality

+ Cardioid pickup pattern

+ USB plug play

+ Outstanding  compatibility

-Disconnect frequently

-Captures background sound



4. Fifine K730 USB Condenser streaming microphones:

The Fifine K730 USB Desktop Microphone F/Recording Podcasting Condenser Microphone is the ideal companion for recording vocals and streaming and is among the best gadgets for streamers in 2022.

Fifine K730 USB streaming microphones


The small size will not block your view when streaming. The all-metal body adds a professional touch and also protects the widget from drop damage. This is a decent microphone set at a low price that may be used for Twitch streaming.

You only have to install the boom arm, attach the microphone, and plug it into your computer to get started. Except for Xbox, this computer microphone kit is compatible with most operating systems such as Windows and macOS. There is no need for an additional driver, a sound card, or to wait. As a result, you can record your YouTube video directly.

The cardioid rhythm lowers annoying fan or keyboard noise for clear conversation, which is an advantage. You can improve your Audio Projects’ Sound with Your Computer’s Perfect Partner. The Studio Microphone, with its flexible and robust broadcasting shock absorber boom and scissor arm, is an ideal tool for capturing your voice for a podcast or voiceover.

Minor drawbacks:

If you want a high-end microphone, its poorly designed stand and buzzing sound during recording can be a problem.



 +Amazing sound for a good price

+ High-quality material

+ Easy to setup

+ Plug and play

+ Highly compatible

+ Smooth volume control knob

+ Compact size

-Poorly designed stand

-Buzzing sound during recording


5. Boya BY-PM500 USB Microphone:

The BOYA BY-PM500 is a USB condenser microphone that is compatible with computers that have a USB port and most Type-C smartphones. It may be used for a variety of applications, including home studio recording, podcasting, video conference calls, vocals, instructions, and more.

Boya streaming microphones


This streaming microphone supports 24bit/48kHz resolution and has cardioid and omnidirectional pickup patterns, allowing you to personalize your sounds. It includes a 3.5mm headphone connector for monitoring audio while recording.

I would highly recommend this gadget for mobile streaming. The build is solid, the buttons are long-lasting, and the connections are simple. BOYA’s other important features are still at their finest. Adjustable mic gain, headphone volume, and mute on/off are all controlled by a single control with an indicator, which is ideal for YouTubers and streamers.

It comes with a desk stand that allows you to adjust the microphone to several preferred angles. It can fold the mic down for storage.

Minor drawback:

The only issue with the BOYA M1 is that it captures too many external noises. The noise it picks up, though, is manageable for the function it was designed for. The only problem that can be solved is the stand.



+Premium voice quality

+ Type–C to  USB cable

+ Reliable stand

+ Filter noise

+ Stable and sturdy stand

+ Volume control knob with mute button

+ One button selectable pattern

+ Headphone plug-in available

+ Strong built

-Background noise during recording

Things to consider:

1.   Pickup pattern variation:

Do you wish your microphone, to only record what is directly in front of it, or do you want it to pick up sound from everywhere around you? Microphones are discrete by their polar patterns, which refer to their sensitivity to sound coming from specific directions.

Pickup pattern variation in streaming microphones

  • Omnidirectional microphones detect sound from all directions equally.
  • Cardioid microphones detect soundwaves almost completely from the front, allowing them to be aimed at the source of sound (the acoustic guitar) and directed away from unwanted sound.
  • Supercardioid microphones detect even fewer unwanted sounds because they are more closely focused than cardioid microphones. They also detect some background noise.
  • Bidirectional microphones detect sound in a figure 8 pattern, which means they can detect sound from both the front and back.

Be adaptable; keep a cardioid and a super/hypercardioid mic in your store so that if you encounter feedback issues on a particular stage, you can test which one is more resistant to feedback (during soundcheck, not during the performance!) and use the one that works best.

2. Proximity sensitivity:

You may have noticed how much deeper someone’s voice sounds when they are very close to the microphone, particularly male voices. That’s the proximity effect at work.

The polar pattern of the microphone will determine the strength of the proximity effect. The greater the variation in the pattern, the more prevalent the effect. This means that Omnidirectional streaming microphones do not exhibit the effect.

3. Frequency response:

The frequency response of a microphone refers to how well it can produce the signals it picks up. A sound will be “heard” by the microphone and perfectly converted into an electronic signal that will be sent into the recorder.

frequency response in microphone

4. Noise floor:

It is the amount of noise produced by the device itself without any significant signal, often called “self-noise”. This noise is measured in decibels. Check the self-noise rating when purchasing a condenser or active microphone. Any rating above about 20 dBA shows that the microphone will produce a notable hiss of noise.

Noise floor graph


5. Microphone impedance:

What is impedance? This is an AC resistance measurement taken while looking back into the microphone. High-impedance microphones are cheaper. Their main disadvantage is that they cannot operate well over long-distance cables, producing poor-quality audio after about 5 or 10 meters.

Low-impedance microphones are preferred.

6. Cost:

Cost is a major consideration for anyone purchasing a microphone. In general, the higher the price, the better the microphone, but this is not always the case.

However, producers of higher-end microphones have a wide range of excellent microphones to offer. Other brands are also there for less costly products and can provide excellent value.

Tips for choosing the right streaming microphones in a nutshell:

  • Check the mic by using it throughout.
  • Acknowledge the microphone’s frequency response.
  • Check the direction of the vocal mic.
  • Select a Pop Filter.
  • Include a shock mount.
  • It is important to test a microphone with your voice.
  • If it happens to come to microphone prices, more pricey does not always equate to better.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Which streaming microphones from today’s post are you going to try for streaming, gaming, voice-over, or podcasting? Or maybe I didn’t mention one of your favorite streaming microphones.

In any case, please let me know right away by leaving a comment below.


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